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We can't stop watching K-Drama! All of them are just too good not to binge watch. But, if we had to pick one favourite, it would be Boys Over Flower. This decade old drama has taken over our lives and as part of our appreciation we have a fan quiz for you!

Boys Over Flowers is an adaptation of ___________ comic

✘ Wrong

Boys Over Flowers is an adaptation of Japanese shojo manga series called Hana Yori Dango. Although, most of the plot has been retained, there are few changes. Mainly about how Geum jan-di, the main female protagonist gets into the Shinhwa high school. In the manga series, the girl is forcefully transferred to an elite high school in hopes of her falling in love with a rich guy. In K-Drama, however, she gets a seat in Shinhwa high school after she rescues a guy who tries to to commit suicide.

Not just Boys Over Flowers, there are a few other K-Dramas like "Playful Kiss"- starring our sweet Ji-Hoo sunbae aka Kim Hyan-joong - , "The Beautiful You", "Master Of Study", "To The Beautiful You" and "City Hunter" that have been adapted from the Japanese manga series.

What does the title "Boys Over Flowers" in Japanese actually mean?

Boys behind a girl
People prefer flowers and not dumpling
Dumplings over Flowers
Boy who moves on
✘ Wrong

The title in Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango ( 花より男子 ) is a famous Japanese idiom called Dumplings over flowers. It means choosing healthy dumplings over flowers that are only good to look at. In simple terms it means choosing inner beauty over outer beauty.

Now for the fun part. Dango is also referred to boys. So, when the title is translated to English it reads "Boys Over Flowers". We know now what the title actually means and how well the story justifies it.

If you have seen Boys Over Flowers then you must have definitely fallen in love with My Girl. Here is a small trivia. Seen if you can answer this.

What is common between Boys Over Flowers and My Girl?

The Director
The Location
The script Writer
The Story
✘ Wrong

Jeon Ki-sang has directed both My Girl and Boys Over Flowers and he specifically targeted it to the teenage audience but all of us fell in love with it.

My Girl released almost two years before Boys Over Flowers and is still reaching the hearts of many. With their breathtaking acting skills, the leads of the series - Lee Dong-wook aka the best Grim Reaper, Lee Da-hae, and Lee Joon-gi are among the of most loved K-Drama stars internationally. My Girl paved the way for Boys Over Flowers, which received more love worldwide. The amazing cast ensemble and plot made it an iconic K-Drama series.

What did F4 stand for ?

Flower 4
Fantastic 4
Famous 4
Forever 4
✘ Wrong

Well, quite similar to their personality, the group was named F4 which stands for Flower ( good looking 😉) 4. The first episode shows a glimpse into the lives of these four notorious students, who in the course of time undergo a drastic change, thanks to Geum Jan-di.

Which song from Boys Over Flowers was sung by Lee Min Ho?

Stand by me
I will be waiting for you
My Everything
What do I do
✘ Wrong

My Everything was a beautiful contribution by Lee Min-ho in Boys over Flowers series.

Which F4 member was a part of the T-max boy-band?

Lee Min-ho
Kim Joon
Kim Hyun-joong
Kim Bum
✘ Wrong

The boy band T-max was a famous band that lasted until 2012. They have given us beautiful soundtracks like "Paradise" and "Wish Ur My Love".

Here are two songs from Boys Over Flowers by T-max

Before entering K-Drama, how did Ku Hye-sun become famous in Korea?

When she won internet's best-face title
When she gave her first solo performance in Seoul
With she posted a video clip of her acting online
With her modelling career
✘ Wrong

Ku Hye-sun, who portrays the bold Geum Jan-di, has previously worked in many K-Dramas. She has been known for her work in "Pure in Heart", "The King and I".

Initially Ku hye-sun dreamt of becoming a singer. After she won the best-face ( ulzzang ) in an online voting forum in Korea, she took up this opportunity and joined a few entertainment companies. When she joined YG entertainment, the CEO insisted her to take up a career in acting. Since then Ku Hye-sun has been working with the same management and entertaining us with her brilliant acting and singing skills. Ku Hye-sun is also an amazing artist; she has even held her own art exhibitions in Shanghai.

With easy access to internet, online streaming and subtitles in various languages the K-Drama has managed to reach millions of fans worldwide.

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