Finding Nemo Quiz: Do You Know The Real Name Of These Movie Animals?

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Hey, Finding Nemo fans! It's time we knew the real names of the wonderful birds and fishes that made the movie awesome. Let's play a fun quiz and learn along the journey!


Pearl Finding Nemo
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Pearl is a Flapjack Octopus.

"Awe, you guys made me ink!", says Pearl, when she gets nervous and squirts out a thick jet of black ink. Yikes!

Fun facts about Flapjack Octopus:

  • In the real world Flapjacks are as cute as Pearl. Don't trust us? Here is a video of a Flapjack swimming happily. But no one has ever seen them squirt ink!

  • Their body is completely gelatinous, with eight webbed arms that helps them float around the great depths of around 1,400 feet. They move by flapping the tiny fins on the top of their head.


Happy Bubbles Finding Nemo
Yellow Tang
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Bubbles is a bright monocoloured fish called the Yellow Tang.

"Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles!", the one sentence that describes Bubbles' frenzied obsession over, well, the bubbles coming out of the Chest box.

Fun fact about Yellow Tang Fish: Yellow Tang is one of the most popular aquarium fish in the world. They are known for their vibrant yellow shade that fades at night - a survival trick, which in the wild helps them evade predators.


Gill The Smart Finding Nemo
Moorish Idol Fish
Angel Fish
Zebra Fish
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Gill is a Moorish Idol.

Gill is the master of escape plans and a perfect leader any tank gang can have. He is the one who helps Nemo escape from the dentist's office.

An interesting fact about the Moorish Idol: Moorish idols are named after the Moors, a group of Muslim inhabitants in Africa who believed that the Moorish fish brought happiness to their lives.


Puffed up Bloat Finding Nemo
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Bloat is a Porcupinefish.

Bloat, the Porcupinefish is part of the tank gang that escapes the dentist's office. Bloat puffs up like a giant ball when ever threatened.

Some fun facts about the Porcupinefish:

  • Just like Mr.Bloat, the Porcupinefish can inflate its body to more than double its size by sucking in air and water.

  • Unlike Bloat, the Porcupinefish is never friendly. In real life it would end up eating all its tank mates.

  • When they bloat, they swim upside down. This was noticed by Charles Darwin who mentioned them in his famous book: the Voyage of Beagle.

Crush and Squirt

Crush And Squirt Swimming Along Finding Nemo
Olive Ridley Sea Turtle
Spotted Turtle
Green Sea Turtle
Leatherback Turtle
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Crush and his son Squirt are the magnificent Green Sea Turtle.

Crush, the super chill Sea Turtle - who seeks thrill in travelling through the ocean currents - helps Marlin and Dory on their quest to find Nemo. He takes them on a fun ride, along with his son Squirt, surfing the East Australian currents. One can imagine what a cool ride that was!.

Here's a chill fact about the Green Sea Turtle, Dude!:

  • Green Sea Turtles can control their blood flow or even stop it temporarily to parts that require less oxygen to function. This is done to avoid excess heat loss from the body.

  • The Yellow Tang fishes ( Bubbles ) are often seen swimming alongside to feed on the parasites and algae that grow on the Turtle's shell. Free food for the Yellow Tang and a free cleaning session for the Green Sea Turtle. This kind of relation in the wild is called Symbiosis.


Anchor Smiling Finding Nemo
Broad-head Shark
White-tip reef Shark
Hammerhead Shark
Great White Shark
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Anchor is the fierce Hammerhead Shark.

Is there a vegetarian Shark? Yes of course, there is! And not just one, but three self-proclaimed vegetarians who are the only members of the "Fish are Friends, Not Food" group.

Fun fact about the Hammerhead Sharks: Hammerhead sharks are distinctly known for their weirdly shaped head. This evolutionary trait provides them with perfectly placed eyes for a 360 vision, which means they can see everything around them. In comparison, our eye-span is only 120 . Well, that sucks!


Nigel Helping Marlin And Dory Find Nemo
Sea Gull
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Nigel is a beautiful Brown Pelican.

Nigel, a friendly Brown Pelican is a regular visitor to the dentist's office, where he meets Nemo for the first time. In the third act he carries Dory and Marlin in his pouch-like-lower-bill to the Dentist's office to get to Nemo. A very handy bill indeed!

Interesting facts about Pelicans:

  • Pelicans haven't evolved much over the last 30 million years. This might be because they are perfectly suited to their environment with their long beak and a wide pouch .

  • Pelicans have a huge pouch in the lower beak called the Gular sac which acts like a fishing net, grabbing hold of the fish and releasing excess water from the sides.

  • There are eight known Pelican species and the Brown Pelican is the smallest of them all.


Peach the Human Reader Finding Nemo
Sea Urchins
Sea Cucumber
Basket star
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Peach is a Sea Star or Starfish.

Peach, the cute Starfish from the tank gang could read human minds. For real?

Amazing facts about the Starfish:

  • Starfish aren't fish, they belong to an entirely different Phylum called Echinoderms. Now that's too much Science!

  • Starfish do not have eyes like that of our cute Peach, rather the eyes are located at the tip of the arms. These tiny eyes can't see well but can sense light.

  • And no, they cannot read humans, Peach was lying to us after all. Sigh!


The forgetful Dory Finding Nemo
Flying fish
Regal Blue Tang
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Dory, one of the most loved characters is a Regal Blue Tang.

Despite suffering from a short-term memory loss, Dory chooses to help Marlin find Nemo. She isn't just a friendly, optimistic soul but also possesses powers like reading humans and talking the whole whale language. Quite a quirky character!

Fun fact about Regal Blue Tang: Regal Blue Tangs are known for their beautiful blue coloration over the body and a bright yellow tail. During the spawning process, their bright blue colour changes to a pale blue. Once the egg and sperm are ejected out for external fertilization, they swim away leaving the eggs to fend for themselves. Forgetful parents!

Nemo and Marlin

Marlin And Nemo Together
Reef fish
Common Clownfish
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Nemo and Marlin are Common Clownfish.

Nemo and Marlin are the main protagonists of the movie. The story begins when little nemo wanders away in search of an adventure and gets caught by a scuba diver. The adventurous Nemo and his concerned father make for the best father-son duo. Agreed?

Now for some Fun fact about the Clownfish:

  • Clownfish live in small groups among the Sea anemones as show in the movie. Anemones which are venomous to fishes other than the Clownfish, provide them with safety. In exchange the Clownfish feeds on the parasites that are harmful to the Anemones. Another symbiotic relationship.

  • By birth all the Clownfish are males; only the largest Clownfish in the group will become a female. When she dies, the next largest fish will change its gender to become a female. So there might be some chance, when he gets big enough, that our little Nemo could grown into a female. Maybe in another sequel!

Image credit: Disney and Wikia

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