Questions And Answers On Metals And Their Ores

Question: Bauxite is the ore of which metal?

Answer: Aluminium

Trivia: The African nation Guinea has the largest Bauxite mineral reserve. Bauxite is also one of the ores for the rare metal Gallium.

Question: Chalcopyrite is the ore of which metal?

Answer: Copper

Trivia: Chalcopyrite is the most common Copper Ore. Copper in its native state was one of the first metals used by Humans, dating back to as early as 9000 B.C.

Question: Galena is the ore of which metal?

Answer: Lead

Trivia: Galena is also an important source of Silver. The Greeks rise in 7th Century BC is closely tied to Silver extracted from the Galena mine in the empire. Lead is highly toxic to human body.

Question: Cinnabar is the ore of which metal?

Answer: Mercury

Trivia: Due to its bright red colour, Cinnabar was used as a pigment to colour jewellery and stoneware in the olden days. Its toxicity was well understood and is considered primarily the reason why its usage diminished over the years. Cinnabar continues to be the prime ore for Mercury.

Question: Magnetite is the ore of which metal?

Answer: Iron

Trivia: Magnetite is attracted to Magnets, but its name doesn't come from that. The name has its origins in the Magnesia region of Greece, once home of the Magnetes tribe and an important region for Iron production. Hematite is another well-known Iron Ore.

Question: Acanthite is the ore of which metal?

Answer: Silver

Explanation: Argentite is often referred to as an ore of Silver, but, it is stable only after 173C. At room temperature, Argentite (isometric crystal structure) transforms to Acanthite (mono-clinic crystal structure), while the chemistry remains the same.

Question: Cassiterite is the ore of which metal?

Answer: Tin

Trivia: Cassiterite is generally translucent and crystalline, and in rare situations, the crystals can be carved into beautiful gems. But, its extreme rarity has also made it less likely to be marketable beyond gem enthusiasts.

Question: Sphalerite is the ore of which metal?

Answer: Zinc

Trivia: Along with being an ore for Zinc, Sphalerite contains variable traces of Iron and rare metals like Germanium, Gallium, Cadmium, Manganese, Arsenic and Inidium - which sometimes can be extracted profitably.

Question: Wolframite is the ore of which metal?

Answer: Tungsten

Trivia: Tungsten has the highest melting point (3422C or 3695F) of all the known elements. It is precisely the reason for its use in electronics and space equipment such as Rocket Nozzles. Scheelite is another important ore of Tungsten.