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How long does it take Sunlight to reach the Earth?

1 millisecond
1 minute
9.5 minutes
8.3 minutes

Does the Sun rotate like the Planets?


How old is the Sun?

3.5 Million years
6000 years
102 Billion years
4.6 Billion years

How far is the Sun from the Earth in Astronomical Units?

8.3 AU
100 AU
1 AU
0.5 AU

What is the Sun mostly made up of?

Hydrogen and Helium

Which reaction produces the energy in the Sun?

Thermonuclear Fusion
Thermonuclear Fission
Nuclear Decay

What type of Star is the Sun?

Yellow Dwarf
White Dwarf
Red Giant
Red Dwarf

What is the colour of the Sun?


What are the atmospheric layers of the Sun?

Thermosphere, Ionosphere and Troposphere
Core, Radiation zone and Convection Zone
Photosphere, Chromosphere and Solar Corona
Photosphere, Thermosphere and Ionosphere

Which is the Visible surface of the Sun?

Transition Region

When is the Solar Corona visible?

During Total Solar Eclipse
During Total Lunar Eclipse
During Sunset
During Sunrise

What are the black spots on the Sun?

Solar Storms
Sun Spots
Solar Prominence
Sun Flares

Which Solar activity ejects plasma and magnetic field into the Space?

Solar Prominence
Solar Wind
Solar flare
Coronal Mass Ejections

What is a Solar Flare?

A large bright loop made up of gas
Light from the Corona
A stream of charged particles
An intense burst of radiation

What are the stream of charged particles released from Corona called?

Solar Storms
Solar Flares
Solar wind
Solar Prominence

What are the large loop like structures on the Sun's surface?

Solar Flash
Solar Prominence
Solar Ring
Solar Loop

What will the Sun become when there isn't enough Hydrogen in its core?

Yellow Giant
It will just explode
Red Dwarf
Red Giant

What will happen to the Sun after the Red Giant phase?

It will explode
It will become a Compact Star
It will become a White Dwarf
It will become a Black Star