World War 1

by staff

Between what years did the World War 1 take place?


How were the leaders of belligerent nations Tsar Nicolas II (Russia), King George V (United Kingdom) and Kaiser Wilhelm (Germany) related?

They had fought wars against each other before
They were first Cousins
They studied together at Oxford University
They were Brothers

Whose assassination sparked the outbreak of World War 1?

Tsar Nicholas II
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Kaiser Wilhelm
Queen Victoria

Who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand?

Gavrilo Princip
Nedeljko Cabrinovic
Otto von Bismarck
Grigori Rasputin

What was the July Ultimatum?

Germany's warning to Russia against Army Mobilization
America's warning to Germany to stop the war by the July of 1914
Britain's warning to Germany to leave Belgium by the July of 1914
A series of ten demands by Austria-Hungary for Serbia

After Austria-Hungary declared war, which nation began mobilising its army in support of Serbia?


Which countries were part of the Triple Alliance?

Austria-Hungary, Serbia and, Bosnia and Herzegovina
United Kingdom, France and United States
Germany, United Kingdom and Italy
Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy

Which countries were part of the Triple Entete Alliance?

Ottoman Empire, Russia, France
United States, United Kingdom, France
France, United Kingdom, Russia
United Kingdom, Russia, United States

Why did Britain join the war?

Because Austria-Hungary declared war on Britain
Because Germany attacked Belgium
Because Germany bombed the British Navy
Because Germany declared war against Russia

What was the name of the Ocean Liner sunk by German U-boats on 7 May 1915?

RMS Lusitania
Nova Scotia
USS Indianapolis

When did USA join World War 1?


Who was the American President during World War 1?

Harry S. Truman
Woodrow Wilson
Theodore Roosevelt
Herbert Hoover

Why did Russia exit the war in 1917?

They had already accomplished what they had set out to do
Russia could not financially sustain the war
The Bolsheviks Revolutionaries wanted to end the war and build Russia instead
Germany defeated Russia in Eastern Europe

When did the World War 1 end?

November 30, 1918
November 11, 1918
November 15, 1918
November 3, 1918

What organisation was formed to prevent future World War like tragedies from happening?

The League of Nations
World Trade Organisation
United Nations
Red Cross